The CFP Report is shutting down

It’s been a fun year and two months but we have decided to shut The CFP Report service down. By the end of the week, all that will be left is this page. We will leave it up for a while but eventually, it will go too.


Regarding your account information

All accounts will be deleted. Your information will not be backed up anywhere.¬†We really only kept your name, email address, and mailing preferences, but all of that will be destroyed when we shut down. No, we don’t offer you any way to back up your data first. There is nothing to back up. We have not, and will not share your information with anyone or any company. We aren’t keeping a copy for ourselves, and we’ve not added you to any of our existing mailing lists. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


This has been fun, we’ve learned a lot, but now it is time for us to move on to other projects.



Cal & Kathy Evans