About Us

About Us

The CFP report is an EICC Experiment.

It is the brainchild of Cal Evans and Kathy Evans.

If you have questions or concerns, drop us an email at questions@thecfpreport.com.

Our address is:
EICC, Inc.
P.O. Box 851
Jupiter, FL 33468


  • Why is my favorite language, framework, tech topic not included?

    Short answer: Because.
    Long answer: This is a curated list, it is not automated. We research each conference individually. We mainly select conferences that we feel are focused on web developers. Yes <insert your favorite language here> can be used for web development. That is part of the criteria, but not the entire thing. For a conference to be included we have to feel that the conference itself  is primarily aimed at web developers. In the event that it is not 100% clear, we use our best judgment. Our decision is final.

    If yelling at us on twitter may make you feel better, feel free to abuse @calevans if you feel we’ve slighted you.:)